, Membership


As a member, you will have a personalized access to the VR Room when you want and with the people you want (max 5 people).

  • The Livescope staff will not have to be part of your group
  • You will enjoy a discount when you book the VR Room (See pricing package)

As part of the Livescope community, you will also receive regular news on the VR activity in Brussels and around.


  • Having a Steam account (https://store.steampowered.com/login/)
  • Following a 30 min training on the way to use the equipment (Cost: € 30)
  • Filling and signing a membership agreement

Exceptional offer: every new member receives a free game on his Steam account

Ready to join the Livescope community ?

Send your request by filling in the contact form. Use the title “Membership” and we will contact you.